Lancaster Blood Town Forest Trip Report
By Danielle Desmarais

This was the second club trip after the state-wide closings. 5 club members came to Blood Town Forest in Leominster, MA on May 16th, 2020 with beautiful blue skies. We wore masks and socially distanced to follow COVID-19 state protocols. Originally postponed due to trail closing, the rangers confirmed the rock and mineral trail area was open.

Epic finds included a chiastolite filled boulder, beautiful micro blue quartz/chalcedony and white quartz. A Great Blue Heron was spotted in the wetland behind one of the digging areas.
A few of us went on a side Geocaching adventure.

For some interesting history on the area:

The forest is reportedly haunted and is listed on several haunted New England websites. There is no police report of evidence of any foul play or any hauntings. In 1946, Arthur W. Blood donated approximately 125 acres, which was added to other Town owned land in the area between Brockelman Road and Old County Road. This is the original Arthur W. Blood Town Forest. Later, another parcel on the westerly side of Brockelman Road was added. This is the Town Forest as it exists today.

Photos by Danielle Desmarais