Walworth NY Rock Hound Weekend, October 6 & 7, 2018

The rock hound weekend at Dolomite Industries, Walworth NY was one for the record books when it came to attendance. This dig was attended by 11 members of the CVMC and for 5 of them it was their first time. The people started gathering at the quarry before 6am and by 7am they had to open the garage door in the truck garage where the safety meeting is held because the rock hounds had filled the 30'X 50' truck bay to capacity and they were lining up outside for the safety meeting. It's just an estimate but 100 + people showed up to dig for Walworth Fluorite.

The popularity of this dig and the buzz on social media is thought to be the cause of the extraordinary numbers this year. The parade of 50+ cars proceeded into the quarry about 7:30 with everybody going to where they thought their big find would come from. The quarry had changed drastically from last year. There has been a huge demand for large diameter stone blocks used for erosion control on Lake Ontario and this quarry is one of the suppliers. The demand has been such that they can barely keep new areas stripped of dirt and trees to stay ahead of the blasting crew.

The sound of rock saws, generators, jack hammers, and the sound of hammers and chisels came from all directions and within minutes of people getting their cars parked. The specimens were a bit more elusive this year in my opinion but only due to the changed conditions at the quarry. There seemed to be more fossils found this year with one of our own members finding a large chain coral fossil that was spectacular along with 2 nice fluorite specimens. All of our members found some great specimens and I'm looking forward to seeing them at brag night in January, there should be quite a contest for best specimen from NY or a CVMC field trip!

The weather on Saturday was good with mild temps and accept for a stray rain storm that rolled through at 9 am and lasted an about hour it was a great day for digging. We went from sweatshirts to rain gear to T-shirts and sunscreen in a 4 hour period and it was great!! It's a great trip with a great big group of people and the energy level was over the top! This is definitely a trip that every rock hound should try and make. To my knowledge none of our members went back to dig on Sunday but the opportunity was there if they wanted. This trip is attended by quite a few Club groups and it was especially nice to represent the CVMC with so many members so far from home!!

Report & photos by: Andrew Brodeur, Trip leader