The Beauregard Mine Trip, July 29 th

The CVMC trip to the Beauregard mine was one for the awesome books!! The 18 members gathered in Keene, got their supplies for the day and made one last civilized rest stop before our day in the woods in Alstead. The weather prior to this trip was absolutely horrible! We had about 15 days straight with high temps and humidity and strong thunder storms but the day of the trip dawned with clear blue skies, no humidity and seasonable temps, just perfect collecting weather after 2 weeks of hell! Once at the mine Wayne took a few minutes to do his history talk on the mine and the walk around to show the new comers the lay of the land. The very first Beryl specimen showed up on the walk around without even a tool in hand and what a beauty it was. The owner did a tremendous job turning over the dumps after the last Club was there 3 weeks before ours. The amount of dump area that is exposed now is much more than usual and the recent stretch of storms including a very bad one the Saturday before, gave everything a very good washing off for us. It appears that the dumps have been turned over very deep because the large amount of nice Cleavelandite Feldspar that was exposed was far above normal.

The spot we found last year that produced many large Beryl and multi Beryl specimens did so again this year with one large specimen in particular containing 11 Beryl crystals. There were at least 6 multi Beryl specimens that came out of this same area again this year. There is also another variety of Feldspar that is unique to this location, Perthite. Perthite is an intergrowth of two Feldspar mineral in alternating bands in one rock . Perthite is found here and at the “Bunk prospect” a smaller mine prospect area on another part of the property” No matter what your collecting style is, sledge hammering a huge boulder, digging or walking around surface collecting, there was plenty of specimens to be found! I'm really surprised more people aren't coming on this trip considering how the digging has been improved, but that's ok, all the more for the one's that go!! It was great digging at a great location, with good friends, it really doesn't get any better than that!!!

Report, and most photos, by: Trip Leader Andrew Brodeur

Beauregard behemoth collected by Danielle with some gem aqua showing on second photo