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2 Chester Emory mines collecting trips weekend 2010

( 2 Reports & sets of pictures By: Andy Brodeur )

First day: the Write mine

Ten CVMC members gathered in Chester for a trip up to the Write Mine. The

morning started out cool and sunny and the day just got better as it went!

The group was at the Mine by 9am and everybody found there spot and settled

into collecting mode. The day warmed up fast and so did the dumps, producing

quite a lot of Margarite and especially Pyrite. At one point it became "The

Pyrite Wars" between some of the members to see who could come up with the

best piece. The party started breaking up about 1:pm with all the members

finally off the hill and headed home by about 4:pm. It was a great fall day

with friends, some really good collecting and a lot of good fun!!

Report and photos By: Andy Brodeur


Second day: the Old mine

The Sunday trip to the Old Mine was a completely different day from the

Saturday trip to the Write Mine. Only 6 CVMC members ventured out to the Old

Mine. The day started off with a hard frost and it was pretty chilly on the

north side of that hill till after noon! The collecting was totally

different too, the Old Mine didn't give up much of anything this trip,

nothing like Sat. where there was specimens galore! I laughingly blamed the

lack of specimens on the installation of an Iron gate just inside the

entrance of the upper adit. The heavy Iron gate was installed to keep people

out and protect the bats that live inside the mine. I joked that it

disrupted the energy of this usually productive site,,,, had to blame it

on something! The once in a lifetime date of 10/10/10 didn't do anything to

improve our luck here today but it was still a nice fall day on the dumps in Chester!

Report and photos By: Andy Brodeur

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