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Aggregate Industries, Wrentham, Ma. 2010 collecting trip

This is a short report on our Sat., Sept. 18th field trip.

A group of seventeen members arrived at Wrentham Quarry to try our luck and hard work in search of amethyst. We were given free reign to the entire quarry, provided we used good judgement and followed quarry safety rules. Bob Colby found an amethyst vein on a wall and shared it with many members. They found beautiful dark purple color as well as crystals. There were huge boulders to explore and break up as well as smaller rocks to search through. Dave, our assigned quarry escort, helped many of us with truck delivery of our heavy finds to our cars. The day was mostly cloudy, but everybody found something that just made their smiles shine. Here are some pictures of our field trip. ~ Teresa Greenwood

Pictures By: Teresa Greenwod, Scott Stickney & Chris Wayne

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