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For Sale: Most of a collection.
Over 150 specimens of Minerals, Fossils, Petrified wood and Meteorites.  
Sell individually or whole collection. Wide range prices from 10 to several hundred dollars each.

Call Bob (860) 428-6257

Thanks, Bob Santa
...... Posted 5/1/17

For Sale:
12" Diamond Saw and Sphire making cups
Shop here before you go to the East Coast Show!
If any club members are going to attend the Mineral Show in West Springfield, August 17th through 19th they may want to stop by and look at the Diamond Saw that we have for sale.
Being a life member of the Conn. Valley Mineral Club, Springfield, Ma. My husband and I have travelled the country and collected rocks and minerals from the 50 US states.

It has come time to step back and let someone else enjoy the use of this great saw.
Asking price is $600.00
Contact us at 413-592-3343 only if you are seriously interested… we also have minerals for sale…..

12 inch Diamond Saw: 3/4 Horse Power Motor, Made for automatic or hand feed cutting
Oil Pump and filters
Wooden vices for holding mineral
Fully Enclosed: Exhaust Hose
Roll-A-Way table with three storage drawers
Supply of doping sticks and wax
Extra Oil, Misc goodies in the drawers

Sphere Making Cups to be attached to a small lap grinding machines $50.00 for set.
Blue (gem quality) Tiger Eye, Blue and Gold tiger Eye, Golden Tiger Eye, Amethyst, Blue Lace, Crazy Lace, Snow Flake Obsidian, Tree Agate, Septarian Nodules (to be cut) Rhodonite, Kyanite, Actinolite, Mac Donald Opal, Jade, Petrified Wood etc.
Dinosaur tracks (slabs 3 feet by 3 feet) starting at $300. Each
Looking for a special mineral? Call and ask and we will let you know if we have any.

193 Frontenac Street
Chicopee, Ma 01020

Contact The Jacot's, 413-592-3343

...... rePosted 5/27/18
I'm looking for rock or mineral thin sections.
Also, if you make these I'd love to learn how.
Please contact Sharon at
...... Posted 2/8/17



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