CVMC Sponsoring 5 pages on 

Hi all... This is for those of you weren't able to attend the November meeting.
The motion was made and seconded for the club to spend the sum of $500.00  to sponsor the mineral website 

It is possible to sponsor a particular page or pages in this case for specific mines, or minerals.  A particular page can be sponsored for  $100  per year and the Clubs name will appear on that page as the sponsor. The  suggestion was made that the collecting committee come up with a list of collecting locations of which we might sponsor those mine's on the Mindat pages.

We have a certain affiliation to some mines either through location, popularity or affiliation through other club members who have dealings with those mines.

The committee picked out 4 mines and 1 mineral for this year. We can choose different places next time, if we decide to do it again… or the same pages.

Check out the pages we sponsor ed, also check out Mindat and make use of it!
1. Loudville (mine)

2. Betts (mine)

3. Beauregard (mine)

4. Barrus (mine)

5. Goshenite (mineral) also, local (Type Locality- Barrus Farm, Goshen MA) is the world's largest open database of minerals, rocks, meteorites and the localities they come from.

As an individual, you can sponsor a page on Mindat for just $50 a year, a worthy cause.


Wayne Corwin