By: Jack Marcy
Photos below:

Frame is made from Flexangle. 36" High, 15" wide, 33"long

The 2 shafts are 1" Diam Steel Rod. Usually 36" or 48" long (I used the 36" long)

4 each 1" Pillow Block Bearings mounted on the Flexangle butted end to end gives you shafts 6"
on center. Perfect for 6#, 12# and 15# barrels. I can get 3 ea 15# barrels on at one time or a combination of smaller size barrels.

The motor I used is 1/3 HP 1725 RPM with 1/2" shaft. Pulley is 1-1/2" x 1/2" Bore.
It was mounted using more Flexangle pieces.

I used a 24" Bicycle wheel less tire & tube. The end of one shaft was drilled and tapped for
1/4"-20 thread so that wheel can be mounted. Some modification has to be made to the ID of the wheel so that it will fit over the 1" shaft. I had this done at a local machine shop.

The shafts are covered with 1" ID rubber hose purchased at FLN-MAR Rubber & Plastic
102 Cabot Street in Holyoke (I was the MAR in the name)

I used several wraps of 1/2" wide Velcro using a staple gun and long staples to secure each wrap to separate the tumbling barrels.

I have used this set up for 12 years so far.

Note: By using a lower RPM motor say 1160 you could use a smaller driven wheel.
There are books telling you what the best tumbling speed is.

Call me if you have questions 413-467-9891 or e-mail jwmarcy@juno.com

Jack Marcy