Rocking at the Library
By John Gaj
Summer reading program’s first day was a rock and mineral show. The person that was
doing the presentation was from the Connecticut Valley Mineral Club and his name was James
Dibbern. He goes on digs with the club and sometimes teaches kids about the wondrous world of
rocks and minerals. Mr.Dibbern had a slideshow on the rocks that he was talking about. One of
the slides was the periodic table. He also did a chemistry experiment where he put magnesium in
acid and put a jar over it so that the jar would keep the hydrogen in it and then lit the hydrogen
on fire to prove it was there. He passed around specimens and taught the kids about the different
types of rocks. I was helping him out a lot because I volunteered to help out with the summer
reading program but the other volunteers helped him too. He told us about where some of the
rocks helped us in everyday lives and he told and showed the kids that crystals actually grew in
the rocks and the ground. At the end of the presentation he gave all the kids fossils. That's what it
was like from an 11 year olds view.
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Submitted by Lori Bocon
Summer Reading Coordinator
Porter Memorial Library