About the Chester Mines, Emery, Iron, Granite, Quartz

1) On October 31, 1765, the town of Murrayfield was born,

On February 21, 1783, the town of Murrayfield became the town of Chester.

Story’s of the mines start at photo 6



2) Here's a (WORKING) link (the link in the explorewmass is broken) to a great

article on Dr. Heman S. Lucas and the Chester emery trade by historian

John Garvey, published in the May, 2006, newsletter of the

Chester Historical Society



3) Here's a 1865 article in Volume 89 of the American Journal

of Science (starts on pg 87) by Professor Jackson, describing the discovery

of emery in Chester in his own words:



Enjoy the links

Wayne Corwin