Meetings: First Wednesday of Each Month (Click here for Directions)
Jan., (Not Feb.), Mar., Apr., May, Jun., (Not Jul.-Aug.), Sep., Oct., Nov., Dec.
7:00 - 9:00 pm Springfield Science Museum (Doors open at 6:30)


I hope you all are managing to get through these tough times dealing with the shutdown.
It is taking its toll on us as Club Members as well.

According to our Governor’s plan, the Museum will still be closed.

Our 80th celebration will still take place even if it happens much later. Visit our Club
website regularly for updates and new information regarding meetings and club events.

This is a good time to review your collection, clean and label specimens, go to YouTube and search for mineral videos and collecting trips, do some reading and research, and plan ahead for future collecting. Most important, stay positive and look ahead to better days.

Fred Wilda

The CVMC has sponsored 5 pages on for the next year. Click here to read about it !
The Learning Centre on Mindat <<< Good info for all ages !

Eastern Federation of Mineralogical& Lapidary Societies
EFMLS Monthly Newsletters <click here

Professor John Brady, of Smith Collage, received a CVMC Honorary Membership Award
on April 2 nd 2019.

“ Thank you so much for your very nice visit today.  I was not prepared for what happened and am quite flattered that you all took the time to come and honor me in this way.  I am very proud to be an Honorary Member of the club and hope to be able to live up to your recognition by helping the club with future activities.”
John Brady
(Click Here to see Full Report by: Andy Brodeur & Wayne Corwin)

Education Committee - Boston Report by Fred Wilda - June 20, 2018

Our Trip to the Massachusetts State House <-click link) for the Presentation of
the “Significant Minerals of Massachusetts” State House Display Case!

LOCAL GEO EVENTS: up-coming Local Geo events from Richard Little & GCC
NEW> Geo Events 4 U
* GEO PATH guide to the GCC Rock Park * Then Go See It At GCC ! *
An unfortunate accident has resulted in a sudden one-room opening for a couples
(or single) in our  Mar. 14 – 28  tour

Local geo news, Why NE Quakes
Local geo news, Feb, 2020: Book, Talk, Show & Show & Trip

2 of our older club members passed away on the same day.
Please see article and photos of each.
Don Davis & Stuart Benson ... (More info and pics may be added later, check back)

2018 CVMC Show, Saturday Door Prize Winner, from Belchertown, Nathan Krischbaum
Chalcopyrite on Quartz

From Mass Appeal - Monday March 5, 2018

"If you need a family activity this weekend, pick something that rocks!
Bob Colby and Fred Wilda
, from the Connecticut Valley Mineral Club, previewed the Western Mass Mineral show – and they didn't come empty handed!"

Educational Opportunities!!!

The Education Committee is looking for club members who would like to participate in planning and producing educational materials and programs to help educate both members of the club and the public about Geology and Mineralogy.
Taking part in committee functions can make you a more successful collector.
Meetings held in Hadley. All are welcomed.
Call Fred Wilda at 413-586-6691 if you think you might be interested.


By: Patrick O'Connor of “The Republican” newspaper. Published October 25 th 2017

New Article by Andy Brodeur
2016 - Part 2: Just when you thought it was safe to have a mineral show
The story of our 2016 mineral show and how it really pays to have a Plan B

2016 Show Photos by: Wayne Corwin &
Photoes and an article by: Andy Brodeur

2012 - Part 1: When The Show Hits The Fan
2012 Show Photos by: Wayne Corwin & Andy Brodeur

This years 2016 mineral show raffle prize winners were both CVMC members.
James Donnelly of Chicopee won the Geode and Francis Noyes of Turners Falls won the Smokey Quartz and Microcline specimen. Both of these lucky Club members donated their time for the benefit of the show and it was nice to see them rewarded for their efforts!!

Special Brag Night Congratulations To:
Dynelle Longto

The Second member to win both the Best Self Collected & Judges Choice Plaques !

Both of her specimens are from Sharon, VT ,,, and from the same day ,,, (What a Good day) ! ! !
The Polymorphic (meaning many distinct shaply forms hooked together) Clay Concretion was very aesthetic.
And her Concretion with Leaf Fossil (Populus , most likely P. balsamifera) (Read more about it), was actually very special in form and detail ! ! !
Please click on the 2 Brag Night pages of photo's below:

Brag Night 2016 Photo's Page 1
- by: Wayne Corwin

Brag Night 2016 Photo's Page 2 - by: Wayne Corwin

Connecticut Valley Mineral Club presented UMass with a
"Significant Massachusetts Minerals Case

YouTube Video - by: Wayne Corwin
- March 8, 2014

CVMC Presented Granby Mass. Library With A $500 Check
2 Articles Courtesy of the Belchertown Sentinel & the Springfield Republican

Click on photo below to read the 2 articles

Hardwick School Case Presentation

Left to Right: Elecia Bray, 4th Grade Teacher, Fred Wilda, President CVMC
And Jack Marcy, Education Committee Mineral Presentor
Mineral Case Presentation on June 10, 2014 by The CVMC to:
Hardwick Elementary School in Gilbertville, MA

Jack Marcy, Granby rock collector &
Connecticut Valley Mineral Club member ,
shared his love of minerals at the Chicopee Public Library
View the article in
MassLive <>Click Here<>

The CVMC was presented with a Certificate of appreciation from
the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

>Click here to see story and photo's on FaceBook<

Notice:Long time club member Warren Johansson has passed away.
The CVMC donated a
"Significant Massachusetts Minerals Case"
In Warren's Honor to the Petersham Library 11/12/14.
Fred and Wayne did a short mineral talk also.

(Click on photos to read more)

1921 - 2014 **** flowers the club sent

Long time club member, Ron Lucia was honored at a special presentation
by the Connecticut Valley Mineral Club of a
"Significant Massachusetts Minerals Display Case"

To the Mount Tom Welcome Center on June 2 nd 2013

click here to See Presentation Report
View Video

Our clubs very own Fred Wilda was the
2012 East Coast Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show's
"Special Exhibitor"
What a wonderful display he put on and alot of work he did !

(See video link of his cases at top of his page & other show photo's at the bottom of the page)



About Us :

The Connecticut Valley Mineral Club was founded in 1940, dedicated to the study, appreciation and preservation of rocks, minerals, fossils and all aspects of Earth Science. We pass on our love of minerals to people of all ages with a special focus on schools with lectures and hands on presentations to students. We recently began a new project with the Significant Massachusetts Minerals Case for Schools that features all the Massachusetts state earth symbols as well as other minerals that were important to the history of the State.
A minimum of 5 of these Case are donated to local schools each year.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Springfield Science Museum, Tolman Wing at the Quadrangle in Springfield, MA. Our meetings include occasional mineral presentations, general club business, and a room full of people willing to help you enjoy mineral collecting. In addition, we sponsor numerous field trips throughout the season, a yearly club picnic and our annual Mineral, Jewelry and Fossil Show.
Directions to our meeting location can be found here .

The CVMC takes a special interest in the preservation of local mineral sites and promotes good collecting habits within its membership as well as to individuals. We feel that the future of mineral collecting is our responsibility. Through good relations with land owners, education and ethical collecting habits we strive to keep our hobby alive and leave something behind for future generations of mineral enthusiasts to enjoy.

We are an informal and social group of all ages and backgrounds with a common interest in the earth and its wondrous treasures . We welcome visitors and encourage membership and once you meet us you will realize that you are never too old to get out and get dirty, we look forward to meeting you!

We are Members of the Eastern Federation of Mineral and Lapidary Societies (EFMLS) and American Federation of Mineral Societies (AFMS)

Click on photo below to see our 2011 CVMC Picnic

Mineral Cases for Schools: << Learn more, click on picture

CVMC 2010 Annual Club Picnic Video

CVMC 2009 Club Picnic Video


Here's a sample of minerals our club members have collected: On Display at the Keene State Collage Library.

More photos of the display case (both photo's of the 2010 & 2011 case set-up's) can be

found by clicking here or on the above photo.

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